We all have this ability to mother ourselves, own our purpose, feel safe in our bodies, and IN-JOY navigating life’s greatest opportunities as we embody our gifts.

I began my pathway into supporting others by working as an Early Intervention Therapist, Special Educator and Energy Healer for the first decade after receiving my Masters Degree from the University of Florida. As a child, I would receive messages about people before they even opened their mouths.  My teachers, friends and the families of the children I cared  for were in awe of my ability to know what they were thinking or feeling before speaking. It took me a long time to honor myself and see my gifts. I didn’t truly understand how much of a priority it was to connect with others on this level for I spent most of my life hiding which was where I felt most comfortable. It was not easy in my mind to let my guard down, and thus be able to let others know who I truly am. After many years of doing healing work part-time with my teaching career, I decided to stop playing small and really come alive with all my gifts to serve others in their healing and empowerment.

 It’s 2023, I now live and work in my sweet home in West Palm Beach, Florida.  If you were to step into my world some of my favorite activities include traveling, dancing, singing, sound healing, cooking, hiking, playing in the water and spontaneous adventure. I am incredibly passionate about vibrant health and authentic relating. Laughter is my greatest medicine, that’s for sure. I literally can’t contain myself.



My mother passed away in front of my eyes while holding her hand. In that moment when I felt like I would never be able to return again, I knew exactly what I was being asked to do.  Spirit had a plan for me and I was here to open my heart, surrender and listen as I would be walking myself home to become my own best healer. I was 21 years old. 

11 years earlier I had seen this coming when I wrote a poem about my mother’s death. I couldn't express my sadness, I wasn't at home in my body, and I couldn’t breathe. Holding my breath was a way for me to not feel my pain and keep it all together. Holding my breath kept me from losing my mind so I could function in life. At the age of 27, I finally stopped judging myself when I got a message in the middle of a sound healing experience to find deep appreciation for my inner strength, determination and courage which brought me to where I am. I heard it clear as day, “Nothing is wrong with you, you have come to your family to be the one who is going to break the lineage cycle of your not good enough”  In that moment I could breathe for the first time. This awareness opened me up to embodying my intuitive gifts.

We all have this ability to mother ourselves, own our purpose, feel safe in our bodies, and IN-JOY navigating life’s greatest opportunities as we embody our gifts.

Are you ready for your soul activation now?

 I’ve always had a love for mirroring to you what I am seeing/hearing and feeling through your divine being.  I want you to see how BIG  you are when you overcome old programming from your childhood which keeps you stuck from stepping into your gifts and arriving home.  I help you overcome the stickiness in your body so you can connect to your true essence and become your own best parent to yourself as you heal from trauma.  I am here to show you how to have the relationship with yourself you have always desired.  I show you how to listen intuitively to your body, claim your confidence, find your unique expression of truth, own the boundary you are, and receive your highest purpose with JOY.

yes I am!