You are here because you are ready to be free of the past, step into your power, own your gifts, shine your light and claim your magnificence. I am here to support, empower and guide you in releasing your limiting beliefs and old programming. Our journey together will lead you to living the truth of who you are with confidence.

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I have the great joy of being an Intuitive Healer and Empowerment Coach, who helps women break free from the overwhelm that's keeping them from connecting with their heart's desires.  My sessions are a catalyst for women to discover who they truly are when they release their stories of struggle, pain and survival.

About 6 years ago, it became very clear to me I was going on a nomadic spiritual quest to heal myself. I had a strong desire to step into the unknown and face my fears head-on so I could finally embody my free spirit. I was strongly called to impact and learn from under-privileged children and adults in communities around the world. Known as “the traveling healer” I ventured to various places including Indonesia, Thailand, Guatemala, Spain and many others. As I broke through my own limitations and fears, my journey simultaneously fostered my capacity to guide others in aligning with their innate power. It is my passion and honor to assist women in feeling safe internally regardless of what is happening around them.

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I help you BREAK FREE from a specific issue that is keeping you stuck in your pain and suffering, so you can reclaim your confidence, self trust, clarity and live a life of purpose. I bring my gifts as an energy healer and empowerment coach to help you clearly recognize themes/stories/labels and identities that have been walking around with you since you were a child.  I will guide you to open your awareness and perspectives in such a way that your heart will soften, and your body will remember what it feels like to experience ease and flow, allowing you to discover what it’s like to simply BE in connection with all of you.

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