Are you living healthy or are you codependent?

Aug 29, 2021

 How do you differentiate between being a very empathetic person and holding on to other people’s pains?

The fact is, when you’re used to growing up in a family where you serve the role of pleasing everyone else, that becomes your way of functioning in life because that’s how you receive love. You’re so focused on everybody else and putting everyone else in front of you that you can’t truly see yourself.

If you can’t truly see yourself, you’re just going to be absorbing everyone else’s stuff.

Wait a second…

↪️Are you feeling a lot of belly aches?

↪️Is your heart kind of hurting?

↪️Are you aware of other sensations in your body?

… and does this happen after connecting with another person?… your dad?… your sister?…your husband?

Are you actually in your body? Or have you left yours and jumped inside another person’s body?

When you carry other people’s stuff, you’re actually not helping them, and it’s definitely not helping you either.

It’s your job to return everything back to that person you’re connecting with, that you're helping, that you’re supporting.

Be conscious and so aware that this is YOUR body.

This is YOUR being.

This is YOUR knowing.

Oh, and by the way, this is NOT YOUR responsibility.

So simply give it back to them.

A super easy tool is to repeat aloud or silently, “I return all of you back to you and I take back all of me.” The second step is to start at the top of your head as you literally pull out with your hand energetically anything you notice that feels heavy or you know isn’t yours and continue to move all the way down your body through every chakra. You end this process by RE-GROUNDING yourself.

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