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Your Journey Home is a 8 week 1-1 sacred container, where you will step into your “ I AM” Powerhouse self who is ready to reclaim your highest purpose now as you find your unique expression. In this container, you will explore having a powerful relationship between you, your knowing and your body where all of you is present.

You get to own your personal sense of freedom and do it with unconditional support from your inner guides, ancestors, and all relations in your life. 

It takes unbelievable courage to show up in your human jumpsuit every day. You will be given practical and customized somatic healing tools along with sound activations to catalyze your personal transformative journey, so you can stop holding on so tight and start living EXPANSION.


In this 8 week journey, you will:

  • receive yourself and discover what has been keeping you from having the relationship you desire with yourself by seeing and adoring all of you, and simultaneously clearing the blocks and cords which blocked you from freely expressing one self as you now take back your unstoppable/unapologetic life force.
  • reclaim your higher purpose from a place of ease as you feel your feels and break out of your habitual programming (old belief systems).
  • learn to move out of survival mode and start experiencing the life you truly desire
  • own your worth, create boundaries in ways you couldn’t imagine, and embody COURAGE in every cell of your body 
  • rewire and quiet your brain as you return to your essence, standing in your truth
  • learn to trust your intuition & make Magic happen as you appreciate who you are and what your here to do on this earth as you learn to be in touch with your Heart’s truth.