Let go of your old stories and perspectives

Aug 29, 2021

Sometimes you don’t even realize how pooped you are because you’re holding on to old stories. You’re still carrying around past traumas. You’re constantly reflecting about things from the past in your subconscious mind. Those stories… they gotta go!

Those stories, they get old. How do you get to step into receiving your most radiant self when you’re holding onto those stories? How are you going to be able to be everything you were made to be? We can hold onto those stories forever if we don’t choose to actively do something about it.

I’ve been thinking about how many times in my life I was super clear, super present, super aware I wasn’t acting in present time and space. It’s happened way more often than I would like to admit.

I have a few questions I ask myself to help bring myself back to the present moment. Ask yourself these questions too!

💜Who are you?

💜Who would you be if you didn’t have these stories?

💜What would you be doing in life?

💜How much more joy and how much more abundance would you have if you released these old stories?

My goal is to let go of all stories so I can truly welcome the moment with what’s here for me right now. I tell myself I’m not my story, that’s not who I am!

And now I will tell you the same.

You are NOT your story, that’s NOT who you are!

What activity helps you be present and consistent? What helps you to not feel scattered? What brings you back into your body?

I’m here in the present moment ready to SEE & SUPPORT you let go of what’s not serving you any longer. Let's shed all of your old stories together in a soul activation session. Head here to learn more and book your session.


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