It's okay not to know

Aug 29, 2021

Today’s golden question is: How many times in your life has someone asked you a question and you’ve been like… “I don’t know!?”

And how did you feel when you didn’t know? I spent a large part of my life feeling ashamed that “I didn’t know.” The words were not there when I reached inside, which left me feeling incredibly vulnerable.

But the real question is why I couldn’t let go of wronging myself for not celebrating that I had the words to voice that. Why did I constantly put pressure on myself to have to have the answer to every question. In what world does that even make any reasonable sense?

If you are your own best healer to yourself, then you get to honor and recognize yourself just for being you! And being in the “I don’t know” gets to have a lot of celebration. 

If you’re anything like me, at some point in your life you’ve experienced trauma, you’ve shut down, and you’ve felt like you can’t get your words out fast enough or access your power. 

You’ve felt..




And when that happens, it makes it hard to celebrate yourself. But STOP...Pick out the little things that make you delight in the treasure you are.

Celebrate that it’s a beautiful sunny day. Celebrate that you finally got a desire to read a book you’ve been dying to read. Celebrate brewing a fresh cup of coffee. Celebrate joining Your Journey Home. And celebrate that you don’t have to have an answer to every question, celebrate the “I don’t knows.”

Your power still lives inside of you, it always does, it’s never going away. You are who you are and you’re a magnificent gem. If we can slowwwwww down enough to open our awareness, then we can celebrate that. 

Your Journey Home will be beginning at the end of September, so don’t wait to sign up! I look forward to celebrating with you!

If you have any questions, reply here or DM me on IG @Natalie_Kwait

Your Coach,


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