Hello, Miss Anxiety

Aug 29, 2021

Sometimes certain feelings need a little bit more attention from us. And I like to call it how I see it.

Hello Miss Anxiety! 👋👋

I’m curious to know, when you’re feeling really anxious, what do you find works well for you? What helps you become closer to yourself when you’re going through that anxiety.

At times, I can go into beating myself up about and thinking WTF is wrong with me?

Do you focus on what you aren’t doing or haven’t done or could be doing?

... OR do you give yourself a moment to find more love in your heart and take yourself into a completely different zone?

Why put yourself deeper and deeper and deeper into this hole of anxiety, when you can actually pull yourself out and open your heart?

If you can relate to these feelings of anxiety, I want you to do 3 things.

First of all, turn it around and really focus on what it is that brings you joy. Remember the little things are some of the most satisfying when it comes to filling up your JOY cup. And, this doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to still feel sadness.

Second, go explore my website! You’ll find tons of resources, learn about my story, and get set up to work with me. Lots of fun freebies inside!

And last, consider receiving a soul activation session. I’m even offering $100 off for the next 5 people who sign up!

Life is good! Let’s bring ourselves back from that feeling of anxiety and start looking at our feelings in a whole new way.

When you can claim that, you can see that YOU are the gift! Reply back with a ❤️ if you agree!

With Love and Light,


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